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Man Wood Carving


Woodworking for me is the most fulfilling of creative outlets. I love everything about it - from the smell of sawdust to the application of the finish. I hope you will check back soon to see what creativity I can imagine on this site. Please consider subscribing below and you will be among the first to learn what Moonshiner Woodworks will be crafting next!

Having lived all around the country, I relocated to Bend, Oregon in 2016. My passion for woodworking comes from my Dad who took up the hobby in the mid 80's on the eve of his retirement from the US Army. 

I didn't appreciate the art then, but have since come to enjoy the satisfaction of crafting wood by hand. 

In 2012, I was able to set up my first woodshop and have been crafting ever since. Now in Bend with a larger space, I am able to fully realize my creative spirit. I hope that you too will appreciate the fine craftsmanship on the items I am offering.

Curious about the name "Moonshiner Woodworks"? Well, it's easy - I am originally from Kentucky. :)

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